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Indoor Air Quality, What you Need to Know

Last updated 7 years ago

Did you know that the air quality in your home can be almost 10 times more polluted than the air outside? This is because windows and doors are sealed tight, trapping the air, along with harmful pollutants, inside the house. This is not good for you, your family, or your pets.

Here are some reasons why your air quality could be poor:

  • Second hand smoke is especially bad for infants and young children. It can lead to asthma and other respiratory illnesses.
  • Radon is a harmful gas that can leak through cracks in your windows, causing serious health problems.
  • Carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide are other harmful gases that can be released from burning fuel.  These gases can cause shortness of breath, weakness, and can even be fatal.
  • Mold is caused by spores that land on wet surfaces and start to grow. These can be harmful to your respiratory system causing rashes, along with sneezing and a runny nose.

Here are some excellent ways to improve your air quality, to make you and your family happy and healthy:

  • Stop pollutants at the source.  This will help improve the air quality of your home.  This can be done by opening vents and windows when using harmful appliances. To remove the risk of second hand smoke, stop smoking or take it outside. Your kids will be thankful.
  •  Change filters and lower the humidity.  Filters protect the home from harmful air, but not when the filter gets clogged.
  • Green plants—especially O2 plants—can also improve the air quality of your home.  These plants can remove chemicals released from tobacco smoke and other harmful chemicals.

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